ROLAND R-1 Portable 24 bit Digital WAVE Recorder / Player (NEW)

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Brand new in original box. 

Edirol R-1 Portable 24-Bit WAVE Recorder & Player - Searching for the highest recording quality in a portable device? EDIROL handpicked the top analog and digital components for the R-1.

The unit records and plays back at crystal-clear, 24-bit audio resolution without compression. Electrolytic capacitors provide stable, reliable power to the analog circuits, eliminating DC interference and offering a truly low-distortion sound.

Audio recorded into the R-1 is stored directly onto a removable CompactFlash(tm) card. Maximum recording time is approximately 137 minutes (MP3, 64 kbps mode) when using the included 64MB CompactFlash Digital-media memory card. The R-1 offers nine quality modes ranging from 64 kbps compression to 24-bit linear WAV.

R-1's headphone jack also doubles as an S/PDIF optical out, so you can stream audio to digital equipment such as digital speakers or DAT/CD/MD recorders