SONY MZ-N1 MiniDisc Player Recorder - Silver (Used-VGC)

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In Very Good Condition


Digital remote, earphones, AC power adapter, 2x Sony recordable MD(new) and pouch. [ Without charging stand , gumstick battery or any other accessories. User manual available online. ]

Original box

Not in original box but will be very well packaged in a secure brown box.



  • Record MP3s or CDs at up to 32x speed on affordable MD media for over 5 hours of music per standard 80-minute disc.

  • Plays ATRAC3 and ATRAC files
  • converts audio from MP3, WMA, and WAV files
  • Multi-speed transfers via USB port
    NetMD equipped portable MD recorder, allows direct PC to MD download (but not upload) of compressed ATRAC audio at up to 30X real-time for LP4 audio (16x for LP2, and ~2x for SP mode audio. MDLP. ATRAC Type-R. (System Controller/ATRAC DSP IC: CXD2677-202GA) Docking cradle provides USB port and charging function. New stick controller with Kanji (Chinese character) display. 3 line LCD on main body. Magnesium case. G-protection. Group function. USB interface can be used for titling, limited editing, and control of the unit from a PC.
    Selectable microphone sensitivity (HIGH/LOW). "Ultimate Skip-Free G-Protection Technology" (Sony's 3rd generation shock recovery system that combines a lighter servo mechanism and improved electronic circuitry. Adds shock protection to the pick-up mechanism, thereby minimizing the loss of position. It continues to provide quick recovery from both horizontal and vertical shock.)

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